About Fiona O’Hara

  • I completed an Advanced Diploma in Fine Art in 1998 in the Dublin Institute of Technology. I began working in the area of Adults with Intellectual Disabilities in 1999, teaching art. Overall I have worked for eight years in this area with my role gradually changing from art Instructor into a community care worker.
  • I did an introductory course in Art Therapy in Crawford College, Cork in 2002 and decided that Art Therapy was definately for me.
  • I began my training in Queen’s Belfast in their Masters of Science in Art Therapy in 2004 and graduated in 2007.  I’m now a registered member of the Health Professions council ( www.hpc-uk.org.my reg no. is AS12866) which ensures I’m providing and will continue to provide an ethical and safe art therapy practice.    

My experience to date as a an art therapist have been in three areas;

A counselling centre with a variety of age groups from young teenagers to adults.

A cancer support centre with those bereaved, in treatment or survivors of Cancer ages ranging from 6 years to 86 years!

A hospice working with non curative clients in a day centre with those well enough to come and go and on the ward with those receiving treatment, mostly in the elderly age bracket.

At present I’m working in a counselling centre with the majority of my clients in the adolescent to mid fifties age group.


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