Training in Art Therapy

I trained in Queen’s Belfast but this course has now moved to The Centre for Psychotherapy, Knockbracken in Belfast. (The same tutors are still integral to this excellent course. The contacts for this course are:

Programme Leader,

MSc Art Psychotherapy
Centre for Psychotherapy
Shimna House
Knockbracken Healthcare Park
Saintfield Road
Belfast, BT8 8BH    Tel.: +44 (0)28 9056 5768


My training was three years ‘part-time’! I put part-time in inverted commas because it became my life and by no means felt part time! I did one day a week in a placement, one day in lectures and Supervision or lectures and experiential workshops. personal therapy once a week and of course assignments and reading. I was very much in fifth gear for these three years and at times it seem tough but most often I loved every minute. It fundamentally changed who I am and how I am.

There is also training in Crawford in Cork , also three years part time and in Britain. The best source for details of British registered courses is through the BAAT( The British association of Art Therapists) website.